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Spend 10

Research has shown that if northwest Michigan households spent just $10 a week on local farm foods, our regional economy would gain nearly $5 million in new revenue each year. This is something we all can do!

455 people have made the pledge!

That adds up to $236,600 a year!
12 businesses are participating, too! How about yours?


Take the
Personal Pledge

Pledge to spend at least $10 a week on locally grown food!

Take the
Business Pledge

Pledge to provide locally grown food at staff meetings or office parties, or to spend 10 percent of your food budget locally. 



Check the guide!

Find local farmers selling direct in your area


Share the excitement with others who are eating local

Get spending!

Need to know where to shop? Check here, or tap the community for ideas

Get cooking!

Find inspiration in local ingredients, no matter the season


Why buy local?

If we all spend just $10 a week on local farm foods, our regional economy will grow by nearly $5 million a year!



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