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Looking to the County for Leadership

July 18, 2008 | By Jim Lively

Institute surveys county commission candidates on pressing land use issues...

Jim Lively: Jumping Through Bureaucratic Hoops to Get on the Grand Vision Bus

Blog Archive | March 11, 2008 | By Jim Lively

The next Grand Vision workshops on March 20th at the Grand Traverse County Civic Center are all about regional transportation solutions for the future. ...

Jim Lively: It is Elementary - Smart Growth Requires Neighborhood Schools

Blog Archive | February 19, 2008 | By Jim Lively

Those are all big changes if they are affecting your child – but the decisions about closing schools have much broader implications for the entire community....

Traverse City Candidates Sound Off

October 26, 2007 | By Jim Lively

Commission Hopefuls Respond to Smart Growth Survey...

Good Regional Planners Are Hard to Find

Blog Archive | March 23, 2007 | By Jim Lively

With more than 1,700 local units of government, Michigan is not a state that readily embraces regional planning. Local control is fervently defended. No big government bureaucrat will tell us how to plan our communities....

Higher Standards: Why I Will Not Shop Meijer

Great Towns | March 20, 2007 | By Jim Lively

I want to like Meijer. They are a Michigan-based company. They even sell fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers. But they flat-out refuse to respect Acme Township’s right to manage growth and maintain small-town character....

LUTS: So, What Is Holding up the Parade?

Blog Archive | March 8, 2007 | By Jim Lively

Nearly two years ago, 34 people, including yours truly, formed a new community group with a big mission: launch a Land Use and Transportation Study that would allow people in the Grand Traverse region to work together to figure out how they want the area ...

What the Heck Is LUTS and How Can It Save the Grand Traverse Region?

Blog Archive | March 7, 2007 | By Jim Lively

You know that sinking feeling we get driving by our favorite orchard and seeing rows of new houses replacing cherry trees? Or when we shop at ugly, new, big-box stores for low prices even though we know we are helping to drive small, local stores out of b...

New Urbanist Imposters

April 27, 2006 | By Jim Lively

New Urbanist Imposters...

Step by Step

April 27, 2006 | By Jim Lively

A New Urbanist Primer for Michigan...

A Lesson from Acme

April 27, 2006 | By Jim Lively

Foggy fine print can impede a clear vision...

Northport’s Catch 22

May 13, 2004 | By Jim Lively

Solving stubborn sewage problem could hasten sprawl headache...

County Considers Abandoning Leland

March 4, 2004 | By Jim Lively

Downtown businesses, neighboring officials oppose move...

Ideological Groups Attack Farmland Preservation

January 18, 2004 | By Jim Lively

Leelanau struggle a sign of things to come...

Smart Growth Can Deliver Affordable Housing

April 29, 2003 | By Jim Lively

Solutions mix public values, community investment...

South Fox Island Needs Your Help - Quickly Please

February 11, 2003 | By Jim Lively

Tell legislators to 'Stop The Swap'...

Granholm Names Milliken, Kelley to Head Smart Growth Commission

January 9, 2003 | By Jim Lively

Governor’s decision energizes lively legislative debate...

Whitefish Point Management Plan Finalized, Released to Public

December 18, 2002 | By Jim Lively

Two-year process yields creative solutions to long-standing problems...

Resource Agency Again Asks Granholm to Approve Fox Swap

December 5, 2002 | By Jim Lively

Decision signals Granholm's view for protecting resources...

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