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Surprise! In Michigan, A Land Planning Idea Fit for the 21st Century

February 8, 2001 | By Andy Guy

Legislative leaders begin to respond to public concern...

With Whitman at EPA, Bush Takes Sprawl Seriously

January 26, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

President chooses Republican anti-sprawl leader...

‘Up North’ Skies Up for Grabs

January 25, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

State takes advantage of clean air to promote dirty electricity...

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Weighs Leelanau Coastal Development

January 19, 2001 | By Jim Lively

Public hearing requested on plan that endangers piping plover...

As EPA Chief, Does Christie Whitman Understand How to Grow?

January 17, 2001 | By Andy Guy

Hope is former New Jersey governor brings Smart Growth experience to new job...

Campaign Donations Yield Treasure Island For Michigan Developer

January 10, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

On South Fox Island trading private influence for public land...

Driven to Spend

November 30, 2000 | By Kelly Thayer

National transportation report shows sprawl taxes family budgets...

Support Grows for Institute’s Alternative to Petoskey Bypass

November 1, 2000 | By Kelly Thayer

Residents, local governments call for state to study “Smart Roads: Petoskey”...

Electrifying Win in Milan Township

August 12, 2000 | By Keith Schneider

Neighbors unite to overrule industrialization of farmland...

Citizens Guard Your Master Plans

August 1, 2000 | By Keith Schneider

Defense of land use planning...

Big Stink

August 1, 2000 | By Patty Cantrell

State's Voluntary Approach...

We The People

August 1, 2000 | By Patty Cantrell

Broken: The Public Trust...

Ending the Mismatch

August 1, 2000 | By Keith Schneider

Effective organizing in your community...

Guard Your Master Plans

August 1, 2000 | By Keith Schneider

Citizen land use guides are challenged...

Dead End Road?

August 1, 2000 | By Kelly Thayer

State stalling on transportation reform; citizens get revved up...

"Farmland Preservation" Proposal a Sprawl Subterfuge

August 1, 2000 | By Keith Schneider

Home builders try to pull a fast one...

Lansing Transfers Public Assets to Private Interests

August 1, 2000 | By Keith Schneider

A proposed public lands giveaway...

Legal Sandstorm

August 1, 2000 | By Keith Schneider

Sand Dune Protection Act at stake...

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