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January 21, 2004 |

The Michigan Land Use Institute and United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan urge quick legislative action on 10 reforms proposed by the Michigan Land Use Leadership Council.

1. Enact state land use goals.

2. Reward regional planning.

3. Authorize requiring infrastructure improvements before development begins.

4. Invest in established areas.

5. Reward local governments for supporting land use goals.

6. Foster urban development.

7. Encourage accessible and affordable home ownership.

8. Design context sensitive roads.

9. Increase transportation choices.

10. Promote high-profit agriculture.

The council heard strong calls for action from most of the 1,000 people who testified.

75 percent of Michigan citizens are either
“somewhat” or “very concerned” about the effects of urban sprawl.

The council's report echoes a 1992 blue ribbon panel that found sprawl wreaking havoc on the state.

Citizens want spending for roads, sewers, housing, and jobs directed toward city and town centers.

Young, talented adults are leaving Michigan in droves.

Curbing sprawl assures that communities are livable for all citizens, including those with disabilities.

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