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Bridge Out! Alternate Route Advised!

Defend the Boardman River and our park

July 8, 2003 | By Kelly Thayer
Great Lakes Bulletin News Service

Help Save One of the Grand Traverse Region’s Special Places
The county road commission wants to waste $40 million to build an unnecessary road and bridge that will ruin the Boardman River valley forever, provide no relief for Traverse City’s traffic problems, and intensify sprawl.

In short, the road commission wants us to trade a natural treasure for another traffic-clogged route like South Airport Road. But…here’s the good news:

You Can Speak Up and Stop the Bridge!
The road commission must get permission from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to bury 4.5 acres of rare, vital wetlands under tons of dirt and asphalt. This permitting process is an opportunity to stop the bridge and force the road commission to consider a clearly superior alternative. Please speak up! Your voice can help convince the DEQ to say NO!

What to Tell the DEQ:
Together we must convince the DEQ that this precious natural resource has great public value and that there is another, better way to solve the traffic problem this bridge pretends to address. Please remind the DEQ that the valley is a special place and its citizens want to keep it that way. Please share your experiences and ask the DEQ to:
• Preserve a Precious Natural Resource
The wetlands in the valley are a rare, high-quality Northern Cedar swamp and are critical to maintaining water quality in the river and Grand Traverse Bay. The valley provides habitat for many species of wildlife: Bald eagles, brown trout, and red shouldered hawks.
• Protect Our Park
The proposed bridge would cut one of the region’s most popular and beautiful public parks in half and ruin the serenity of a significant section of it.
• Support the Proposed Alternate Route
This bridge is not necessary! There is a less costly, less damaging alternative that would save the river valley and alleviate traffic congestion.

Come to the Public Hearing:
The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality will hold only one public hearing on the Grand Traverse County Road Commission’s application to fill wetlands and alter streams in and around the Boardman River valley.

Thursday, July 17, 6:30 p.m.
(Open House 5:00–6:15 p.m. )
West Jr. High — Little Theater Room
3950 W. Silver Lake Rd., Traverse City

OR: If you can’t make the meeting or feel more comfortable writing a letter, write to:

Duke Domke
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
Gaylord Field Office
Geological and Land Management Division
2100 West M-32
Gaylord, MI 49735

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