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PACE Seminar

Hey, Contractors and Installers…
Looki​ng for New Business Leads?

WHAT: PACE Seminar

WHEN: October 23 at 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

WHERE: Northwestern Michigan College University Center, 2200 Dendrinos Drive (Room 207) Traverse City

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DETAILS: Most building owners would love to cut or eliminate their utility bills, but major efficiency projects always hit a big wall—financing. Too often, energy-saving projects that could help building owners—and keep you busy—just fade away.

That’s changing in Grand Traverse County. A smart, new ordinance allows building owners to finance big efficiency improvements—or even solar panels on the roof—and see an immediate, positive cash flow even as they pay off their loan.

The secret? “Property Assessed Clean Energy” loans. PACE loans have very long-terms and low interest rates because the county treats them as special property tax assessments, even though they use private, not public money.

PACE opens up huge new opportunities for your company to retrofit large buildings—private, public, and institutional. And everybody wins:

·      The lender’s money is safe, because repayment is a tax obligation.

·      The building owner ties up no capital, yet monthly budgets fall immediately!

·      Your company gets a big, profitable job in Grand Traverse County.

·      Employment and property values rise, helping the entire community.

Whether you are an efficiency retrofitter, an HVAC or window company, or a solar or small-wind installer, you need to know more about Grand Traverse’s brand-new PACE program and the markets it opens for you and your competitors.

Attend this PACE seminar on October 23 and get it on one of the largest economic opportunities contractors and installers have seen in our region in quite awhile.

You will receive:

  • Four hours of live training about the Lean & Green Michigan PACE ordinance. 

  • Guidance on how to make PACE work for your business.

  • Advice on how to maximize PACE’s benefits.

  • A training manual with all the necessary information.

  • A digital copy of the PACE manual.

  • Light breakfast and refreshments.

Space is limited, reservations are a must, cost is $150. Please contact Brian Beauchamp at the Michigan Land Use Institute for more information: brian@mlui.org

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