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Like Food, Local Music Can Grow Economy

Thriving Communities | April 30, 2015 | By Hans Voss

Traverse City has shown that anything is possible. The arts are a growing and important part of our local culture and economy. Now it’s time to ramp up the local music scene to a level that meets the high standards of our terrific town ....

Michigan’s Awakening Regionalism

October 27, 2006 | By Hans Voss

Smart Talk...

Smart Talk

November 14, 2005 | By Hans Voss

The Verdict on Smart Growth...

Smart Talk

April 5, 2005 | By Hans Voss

Norman, Meet Ralph and Jeanne!...


March 9, 2005 | By Hans Voss

Two Organizations, One Melody...

Smart Talk

July 7, 2004 | By Hans Voss

Like Rolling Stones...

New Era, New Attitude

March 17, 2004 | By Hans Voss


Smart Talk

October 8, 2003 | By Hans Voss

Ready, Set, Goals!...

Smart Talk

June 16, 2003 | By Hans Voss

The Lowdown on Motown...

Once In A Generation

March 24, 2003 | By Hans Voss

Four steps to success for Michigan’s Smart Growth council...

Smart Talk

March 24, 2003 | By Hans Voss

Now’s the Time...

Institute, State Chamber Study School Location Decisions, Development Patterns

October 25, 2002 | By Hans Voss

Joint research project links education, land use, economy...

Comprehensive Planning and Development of Oil and Gas Resources Beneath the Great Lakes

May 23, 2001 | By Hans Voss

A Process for DNR minerals management and interagency coordination...

What About “Sound Science?”

April 12, 2001 | By Hans Voss

On Great Lakes drilling, Engler administration rejects own principles...

Hold Back the Drills

March 20, 2001 | By Hans Voss

Energy solutions shouldn’t include destruction of state’s natural treasures...

Protecting Michigan's Great Lakes Coast

March 1, 2000 | By Hans Voss

A new Institute project...

Project Focus

March 1, 2000 | By Hans Voss


Organizers Working to Keep Jordan Valley Off-Limits to Drilling

December 1, 1999 | By Hans Voss

Michigan's own "Yosemite Valley" at risk...

Coastal Drilling Update: Will Congress Enact a Ban?

December 1, 1999 | By Hans Voss

A congressional ban forseen...

Lawmakers Pass Five Reform Bills, But Let Too Many Good Ones Go

December 1, 1999 | By Hans Voss

A smashing breakthrough for citizen advocacy...

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