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Granholm Proposes Water Protection Laws

March 10, 2004 | By Andy Guy

Republican leader, some business groups resist regulation...

County Considers Abandoning Leland

March 4, 2004 | By Jim Lively

Downtown businesses, neighboring officials oppose move...

DEQ Blisters Road Commission Conduct on Proposed Bridge

March 2, 2004 | By Kelly Thayer

Critics say letter draws project closer to unavoidable end...

Benzie Residents Call For Smaller Crystal Lake Launch

February 29, 2004 | By Kelly Thayer

Size, scale are central issues in state boating proposal...

Lake Michigan Springs a Leak

February 24, 2004 | By Andy Guy

There’s a way, but little will, to stop it...

Michigan’s School Construction Boom

February 22, 2004 | By Mac McClelland

The real costs of new public schools...

Boom and Bust

February 22, 2004 | By Mac McClelland

Leapfrogging suburbs make life difficult for public schools...

Big City Schools, Big City Challenges

February 22, 2004 | By Mac McClelland

Competing with new buildings in the suburbs...

A Tale of Two Cities

February 22, 2004 | By Mac McClelland

School construction divides Charlevoix, unites Harbor Springs...

Unintended Consequences

February 22, 2004 | By Mac McClelland

Fiscal policies, zoning push schools out of town...

More for Your Money

February 22, 2004 | By Mac McClelland

Independent assessment leads Escanaba to a wise decision...

A History Lesson from Jackson

February 22, 2004 | By Mac McClelland

Preserving old schools can pay millions in dividends...

Conclusions and Recommendations

February 22, 2004 | By Mac McClelland

Ten steps to better schools and healthier communities...

Hard Lessons

February 22, 2004 | By Mac McClelland

The real costs of Michigan’s school construction boom...

Swimming in Filth

February 19, 2004 | By Keith Schneider

White House sewage plan will make water dirtier, say critics...

Staying Outdoors Fattens Hogs and Profits

February 17, 2004 | By Patty Cantrell

Niman’s natural pork market boosts smaller Michigan producers...

Coal Burning Plant Fires Up Hot Dispute in Manistee

February 15, 2004 | By Jim Dulzo

Plan’s trail could lead to Lansing and Washington...

On Protecting Water, Granholm Seems Surprisingly Unsure

February 11, 2004 | By Keith Schneider

Inconsistent steps on state’s liquid gold start second year...

Land War's Hard Lines Spark Recall Vote

February 8, 2004 | By Johanna Miller

Supporters of low-density development want Elmwood Township trustees out...

People and Pavement:

February 5, 2004 | By Kelly Thayer

New Institute report on transportation design that respects communities...

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