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Resilience Reading Project: Spring 2015


The death of local activist and environmentalist Bob Russell left a huge void in northern Michigan. Before his passing, he shared with his friends and colleagues a carefully curated list of books he felt can help us understand what we can do to make sure our community is economically, environmentally, and socially as healthy and resilient as possible. The idea behind the new reading project is a simple one: In each season of the year, a broad community will come together to read one of the books recommended by Bob, discuss its themes and lessons, celebrate the region’s strengths, and acknowledge the work that remains.

What: Bob Russell Resilience Reading Project: Spring 2015

"Engaging Voices: Tales of Morality and Meaning in an Age of Global Warming"

When: Tuesday, May 19, at 7 p.m.

Where: Horizon Books (243 E. Front St, Traverse City)

Details: Our ecological dilemmas provoke powerful emotions and deeply contested views. How should we think about them? And how can we live together, or even talk together, when we cannot listen to people who think differently? In a lively and at times very funny book, Roger S. Gottlieb (A Greener Faith, This Sacred Earth, A Spirituality of Resistance) explores these questions in a collection of distinct but related philosophical short stories. The May 19 discussion will be led by Sally Van Vleck and Jim Crowfoot.

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