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Articles from 1995 to 2012


Court Snubs Wind Foe's Claims, Sparking Push to Revise Zoning
Snyder Samples Traverse' Local Food Efforts
Know Your Farmer
MLUI Brings Governor, State Officials to Traverse City
Snyder Lauds 'TC Saves' Success
Entrepreneurs Flock to Consumers' Solar Lottery
Gaps in Produce Supply Chain Offer Local Food Opportunities
MLUI's Winter Celebration
As Coal Plant Teeters, Groups Mount Legal Attack
BetterBuildings Michigan: Selling Efficiency, Door-to-Door
Schools Seek Local Foods; Set Meeting with Farmers
Holland Council Weighs Pioneering Energy Strategy
BATA Making Big Changes


Will Coal's Business Crisis Sink Rogers City Plant?
Got Questions? Wind Initiative Now Has Answers
Windpower Study in Hand, Three Townships Consider Zoning
Great Lakes Champ: Offshore Wind Can Work for Michigan
'TC Saves' Warms Homes, Cuts Energy Bills
Suttons Bay Schools Celebrate Local Harvest
Michigan Governor Ignites Spark in Transportation Reform
Snyder's New Energy Czar Taking the Long View
Farm to School Month is Here!
Hesterman: Now's the Time for Fresh, Local, Fair Food
Consultant, Holland Staff Pick a Bold Energy Strategy
Get Farming! Announces Five Fall Workshops
National Food Expert, Author to Speak in TC
Will Snyder Match Granholm in Clean-Energy Jobs?
Clean Energy Advocate Running For Co-op Board
It Was a Very Good Year (at the Fair!)
Holland Set to Choose from Bold Efficiency 'Scenarios'
Can a Family Find One-Car Happiness?
Duke Refocusing Windpower Efforts on Joyfield, Pleasanton Townships
N. Mich. Wind Study Asks, 'What Do We Want?'
Wanted: Grassroots Push for Improved Farm Bill
Youngsters Warm to Cooking with Kids at NW Mich. Fair
Letters Reflect Local Fears of Windpower Development
Economics of Happiness Offers a Route to a Better World
Dr. Seuss, Art in the Park, and Medicine Lodge Singers
It's Time for 'Cooking with Kids at the Fair'!
Northern Michigan Ready to Double Up Food Bucks
Carbon Nation Finds Good Business in Climate Change Solutions
Wanted: Financing for 'Food Desert' Farms
MLUI Presents Monday Night Films in Frankfort
The 2011 Milliken Reception
Getting Michigan Back on Track - with Rail!
Farm Network 'Doubles Up Food Bucks'
Do Wind Turbines Turn Off Tourists?
Bus Brochure 'Gets You Where You Want to Go'
Citizens Decry Snyder's Approval of Rogers City Coal Plant
Energy Pro Runs for Great Lakes Co-op Board
Duke's Foes Call Wind Leases a 'Raw Deal'
Citizens Aim to Block Snyder's Coal Rush
Food & Farming Network: Feds Should Spend Schools' Lunch Dollars on Local Produce
New Taste the Local Difference Guide Now Available!
MLUI Joins State Transportation Coalition
In Michigan, Big Night for the Bus
Town's Toxic Water Embodies U.S. Coal Ash Challenge
10 Rivers at Risk from Energy Development
Coal Power, Meet Water Scarcity
Citizen Groups: Reject New Rogers City Coal Permit
Snyder Supports Local Food, Renewable Energy Production
State Bill Sparks Worries Over Local Farm to School Programs
Why Would Consumers Freeze Its Hot Solar Program?
Does Duke Wind Pay Its Taxes?
Gratiot County Welcomes Three Wind Farms
A Shortcut to Better Downtown Redevelopment
Is Snyder Readying a New Coal Rush?
Franz's Windpower Critique Faces a Fact Check
New Fund Turns Tax Foreclosure Bucks into Affordable Homes
On the Road to Farm Prosperity in N.W. Michigan
MLUI Applauds Regional Wind Planning Process
Turbine Guide Author: Let Science Lead Way
For Some Kids, Farm to School a Health Lifeline
Scientists See No Basis for Turbine 'Infrasound' Claims
Two Acoustic Scientists Explain Infrasound
Major Windpower Proposal Stirs Benzie, Manistee Counties
Michigan, Ohio emerge as Solar Manufacturing Centers
Wanted: A Cure for the Wintertime Heating Blues


Udall: A Letter to My Grandchildren, Pt 3
Udall: A Letter to My Grandchildren, Pt 2
Udall: A Letter to My Grandchildren, Pt 1
A Bridge to Better Food:
For Rural Teens, No Ride Means Missed Chances
Detroit's Key to Leadership: Going Green
Wanted: Fresh, Healthy Food for Kids
Wanted: Regional Wheels for Workers
Wanted: A Vision for Affordable Housing
Onekama School Finds Recipe for Success
A Vision for Helping Families on the Edge
Saginaw and Flint: Shrinking Cities, Expanding Communities
Finding the Path to Detroit's New Economy
Flint: Mowing Weeds, Planting Seeds, Growing Citizens
Calling All Clean-Energy Entrepreneurs!
Are the Stars Lining Up for Detroit?
Detroit Eyes the New Economy
PIE&G Candidate: Questions on Coal Costs
Is Detroit Ready for Another Renaissance?
Food Charter: Growing Success for Small Farms
At Wolverine, Big Bucks Continue to Roll
Rogers City, Holland Coal Plant Denials Spark Lawsuits
Land Protection, Good Food Charter Would Help State Economy
Time to Push Candidates on Local Food
West Michigan Businesses, Governments Incorporate Good Food
West Michigan Organizations Spur Good Food Transformation
West Michigan Good Food Spotlight:
Good Food Networks Bonding West Michigan
'Fracking' Mixes Natural Gas, Water, and Money
Food Boosts Kalamazoo's North Side Development
TCL&P Hits Renewables Reset Button
Time for Better Railroads in Michigan?
'Noise, Distraction, Fabrication' Mar Water Rights Debate
MSU Extension Grows a Stronger Kalamazoo
Like Many in Lansing, Dillon Still Sees Coal as King
Obama, Granholm Teamwork Revives Some State Factories
Study Questions Biomass' Ability to Cut Greenhouse Gases
Investors to Demand Info on Risks of Consumers' Coal Plans
Cherryland Candidates Question Proposed Coal Plant
Green Power for Sale!
Video, New Candidates Enliven Cherryland Board Race
Wes Jackson: 'Let's Save the Stuff We're Made Of'
Good-bye to Big Yellow Buses?
MLUI to TCL&P: More Efficiency, More Renewables
Stewart Udall, an American Statesman, Passes
A Call to Action for Sen. Stabenow
Groups Renew Push to Stop Bay City Coal Plant
Our New Big Three
Save Energy, Save Tax Dollars
Coal Dump Karst: 'Active' or 'Inactive'?
State Readies Rogers City Coal Ash Hearing
Biomass: Boon or Bugaboo?
New Questions as State Mulls Wolverine Coal Permit
A Good Food Road Show


State Punts on New Coal Plants
Most Climate Delegates Accepting Obama’s ‘Accord’
Region Sets Table for Healthier Kids
COPENHAGEN: Looking to Cities for Salvation
Board Minutes: Big Drop in Co-op’s Power Demand
One Week to Go in Copenhagen
Copenhagen Climate Demonstration:
COPENHAGEN: An Interview with Bill McKibben
COPENHAGEN: ‘Youngos’ Wear Orange
Execs Well Paid for Pushing Rogers City Coal Plant
On Our Way To Copenhagen
TCL&P Seeks Clear Path to Clean Energy
Kalamazoo: Oh, the Webs They Weave!
County Endorses Coal Ash Burial in Leaky Quarry
Kalamazoo: Hospital Digs into Local Food
Climate Action Grows Across U.S.
Co-op Study Attacks Jobs and Homegrown Energy Bill
Kalamazoo: Getting Ready for Good Food
Town Flattened by Tornado Now Reaps the Wind
BATA Riders: More Village Service Means More Customers
State Ramps Up Green Jobs, but Pro-Coal Rally Heads to Lansing
Decentralize, Diversify, Localize:
Ex-CIA Chief: Feed-in Tariffs a Secret for Success
In Rogers City, Strong Criticism of Coal Ash Proposal
Two Lawmakers to DNR: Fore!
Benton Harbor: Colleges Stock Up, Save on Local Foods
Economy in Shambles, Midwest Goes Green
Benton Harbor: Pulling Together Food and Farm Leaders
Michigan Eyes Europe’s Hot Clean-Energy Plan
All Aboard the SW Mich. Good Food Tour!
Big Coal: Understanding the 800-Pound Gorilla
In Push for Coal, Utilities Ignore Gas-Fired Plants
Citizens, Dems Push ‘ReEnergize Michigan’ Jobs Bill
Does City Want Affordable Downtown Housing?
Report Finds 100,000 Green Jobs in Michigan
Study: Rogers City Plant Flunks “Prudent and Feasible” Test
Food Safety Moves Could Harm Local Farm Prospects
Critics Call Rogers City Coal Plant Study ‘Fluff’
County Planning Needs All of Us
Farm Markets Boost Sales via ‘Food Stamp’ Cards
Granholm Touts Big Plans for Green Jobs
Co-Op Coal Critic Sees Victory in a Defeat
White House Says, ‘Stand Tall, Michigan!’
How Much Power Does Consumers Need?
Wolverine Mum On Coal Plant’s Price
Production's Fiasco Means Benzie Lacks Growth Tools
‘Coal Night’ Promises ‘Serious Fun’
Michigan Readies Energy-Saving Loan Program
Traverse City’s Utility Goes Greener
Spurning Coal, Manistee Rides the Windspire
Chester: We’re Analyzing Coal Plant Alternatives
New Rules for Bay City Coal Battle
Granholm Firm on Vetting Coal Rush
Granholm: Michigan Can Lead in Green Economy
How to Make Local Food Work for Michigan
A New Plan for Green Space
Acknowlegements & Regional Directory
Farming’s New Faces
Farmland connections
Growing Entrepreneurs
Hooping It Up
Improving the Business Environment
Individual Development Accounts
Investing in Infrastructure
Local and In Orbit
Local Food: Lay of the Land
Planning for Food
Summer Flowers, Winter Lettuce: Year-Round Success
Urban Grocery
Visionary Farming
Wired For Success
Youth Entrepreneurship
As the Supply of Local Food Expands It’s Energizing Neighborhoods and Young People
Charting our Good Food Course
Everybody Wins
Healthy Choices, Healthier Economy
How Did We Get Here?
Regional food systems become essential ingredient for Michigan’s future
The Growing Demand for Local Food Means Kids Eat Better
The Rise of New Markets
Thinking Bigger
Obama Stimulus Targets Fresh, Local Food
Report: Farming a N.W. Michigan Heavyweight
Granholm’s Energy Plan Ruffles Coal’s Fans
Institute Hires Program Coordinator
Grand Vision: Grow Towns, not Subdivisions
Institute Backs Granholm’s Big Green Package
Details of Obama’s Big Green Bill
Obama Goes Green to Revive American Economy
Coast to Coast, a New Food Network
Avoiding A Coal Collision
Greening Industry Grows In Michigan


Lansing Passes a Farm-to-School Test
In Ohio, Rumblings About Pet Coke
Pet Coke: The New Coal?
Great Lakes Water: Public or Private?
Local Food Means Local Infrastructure
A Conversation with Chuck Clarke
Tanner: Time to Fire Administrator Clarke
Welcoming Local Food Businesses
Entrepreneurs: Growing Local Food, and a Movement
Obama Readies Move to Clean-Energy Economy
Local, State Officials Can Boost Local Food Economies
More Michigan Farms, Food Firms ‘Thinking Local’
Michigan Tastes Local Food's Potential
In Rogers City, Pushback to Coal Rush
Carbon Capture: Real, or Just Blowing Smoke?
County Chair’s Coal Plant Vote: Conflicted Interest?
Grand Vision Draws Another Record Crowd
A Planning Commission’s Pet Coke Debate
Proposed Coal Plant Switches Fuels, Stirs Controversy
Benzie OKs Eliminating Its Planner
Benzie’s Battle Over Dual Directors Reaches a Crossroad
McKibben: To Spread the Word, Push a Number
Grand Survey: In-Town Growth Is Best
Big Plans by California’s Big Utilities
Sacramento’s Lesson: Green Power Works
4-H, Farm-to-School Meet at County Fair
Different Shade of Green Stalls State Energy Reform
Rep. Law: Let’s Turn Green to Gold
KC Food Pioneer: ‘Yes You Can!’
Programs Grow Local Food, New Farmers
Benzie County Commission Candidates Respond to Michigan Land Use Institute Survey
Grand Traverse County Commission Candidates Respond to Michigan Land Use Institute Survey
Leelanau County Commission Candidates Respond to Michigan Land Use Institute Survey
Looking to the County for Leadership
Donors, Board, Staff Honor Institute’s Founder
Herbie the Love Bug Rides Again!
States Mandating Clean Energy Cash In on Green Economy
Grand Rapids: Gateway to Michigan’s Transit Success
Keeping Up with the Jones, Tastefully
Why Michigan Leads America’s Coal Rush
House Green Energy Package Raises Questions
Michigan Needs a Marshall Plan
Michigan Needs a Plan
Michigan’s Disaster: Washington’s Opportunity
Michigan at Center of National Coal War
Grand Vision: Where Red and Blue Meet
Bus Rapid Transit Plan Draws Downtown Dollars
Pricey Lawsuits Hound Local Governments’ Growth Decisions
Farm-to-School Success Stirring State Action
Coal’s Soaring Costs: Wind Power’s Friendly Breeze
As Lansing Lags, a Rural School Looks Ahead
N.W. Michigan Growers, Educators Pack Farm-to-School Conference
State Law Slows Farm-to-School Progress
Grand Rapids Tells Lansing: Yes We Can
Raising a New Kind of ‘Eater’
Townships: Sprawl, Big Boxes May Be Best Bet for Jobs
As Coal’s Cost Soars, Lansing Warms to Clean Energy
Two Benzie Townships Making Room for Sprawl
Grand Vision Workshops Crack the 1,000 Mark
Prosperous Farms, Well-Fed Kids:
Feds OK Grand Rapids’ ‘New Start’ Transit Funds
Granholm Touts Clean-Energy Jobs
County’s Secrecy Agreement with Firm Draws Fire
Can Emmet Think Outside the Box?
Court Case, Recall Campaign Mar Meijer
Grand Vision Kickoff Draws Record Crowd


Benzie Pushing to Halt Its Crisis
Report Offers Route to Cut Petoskey Traffic
‘Build It and They’ll Come’
Can Benzie Conquer a Big Divide?
BATA? You Bet!
Traverse City Candidates Sound Off
‘Very Small Start,’ Very Big Deal
Felons, Forgiveness, and Michigan’s Economy
Study: Local Tax Breaks for Manufacturers Don’t Work
The Grand Vision:
As Sprawl Looms, Wary Townships Try Joint Planning
Mining Company Lobbied Hard in U.P., Lansing
Industrializing the Wild U.P.
Will State Allow Sulfide Mining Under U.P. River?
Big U.P. Fire Sends Smoke Signal to Lansing
Sleeper Lake’s Wake-Up Call
Growth Boundaries for Petoskey?
Wind Shift
Up North, Rising Costs Threaten ‘The Good Life’
John Fregonese Helps Us See the Future
New Leelanau Extension Director Has ‘Perfect Job’
State May Push Local Governments To Cooperate
Making Room for Fresh Food, Healthier Communities
Meet Visioning Guru Robert Grow
Looking for Ways to Beat Traffic, and the Clock
Michigan’s “Energy Epicenter” Turning Black, Not Green
Regional Study Could Boost Safe Travel
Facing Up to Traverse Region’s Perfect Storm
Survey Finds Little Support for New Roads
Report: Saugatuck Dunes Sale Could Trigger Land Rush
Presque Isle Officials Approve Mystery Coal Plant
Jumbo Investments Revitalize Grand Rapids
Famous Planner Ready to Rock Traverse
Here We Grow: Five Counties, One Future
Big Grayling Park Would Need Big Tax Dollars
Secrecy Cloaked Proposal for Huge Theme Park
Mayors Push Great Lakes Cleanup, Again
Clean Energy Standard Talk of Michigan Fair
Leelanau Group Eyes Different Way to Preserve Farms
From Trolley Talk to Rail Reality?
Knowledge Economy Not Making Lansing Smarter
Study: Cleanup Would Boost Rusty Economy
Up North, It’s Local Food Time
Young People Speak Up for Granny Flats
Up North, Towns Eye ‘Granny Flats’
Dunes’ New Owner Edges Toward Construction Plan
Did SOP Move Lawmakers?
Riding Rails to Big Rewards
Idealism, Opportunity Build Hot New Market
Summary of Research on Michigan’s Budget
Forum Tells Michigan: Cuts Won’t Cut It
Young Farmers Defy Ownership Odds
Saugatuck Citizens Form Alliance to Respond to New Development
Affordable Housing in a Rising Neighborhood
Wanted: Cheap Land, Good Advice
The Denison
Tangible and Intangible Values
A Link to Farming’s Future
New Faces, New Futures
The Economy is the Geography
How Preston Maring Doctors Hospital Food
Clean Lakes Mean Good Jobs
Everglades to Great Lakes: Think Two Shades of Green
Traverse City Promises to Cool It
Petoskey Looks beyond Bypass
Northport Sewer Dispute’s Hard Lessons
Leaders Brief Levin on Regional Visioning
Agency Endorses Grand Rapids Streetcars
What Will Go Where?
Banking on Shoreline Restoration


Murphy, Black Caucus Chair, Looks at Proposal 2
Sleepless in Michigan, not Seattle
For Successful Planning, It’s the More, the Merrier
Way Better than Summer School!
The Little Trolley that Could…and Did
Another Great Day for Smart Growth
Will State Leaders Heed Election Message?
A Promise Kept for Kalamazoo
Traverse City Eyes Cooling Agreement
Restore a River, Boost a Tax Base
Quick! Confiscate the Butter!
Friends & Neighbors: Don Coe
Is Eminent Domain Proposal Really Necessary?
Michigan’s Awakening Regionalism
Sleepless in Michigan, but not in Seattle
Three Cases, Two Outcomes:
On Magnificent Peninsula, A Grassroots Tussle Over Preserving Farmland
Detroit’s Vast Water System: A Tangle of Regional Resentment
Michigan Faces Affirmative Action Rollback Vote
Michigan Supremes Election: Private vs Public Rights
Enrollment Ebb and Flow Shouldn't Close Community Schools
Don’t Try This at Home
Paul Hillegonds: Affirming Michigan
Steve Tobocman: Eminently Concerned
Health Centers and Heavy Traffic
Campaign Donations Tilt State’s High Court
There’s a Ford in Food’s Future
What Thirsty Arizona Really Wants
Hospital Buys Local for Healthy Food, Economy
High Court Diminishes Reach of Michigan Environmental Statute
Hard Lessons, Hard Bill
Study Says Buying Local Food Would Boost State Economy
Farmland Preservation Takes Flight
'Farm Raisers' Make Cents for Schools
What’s Healthy for Health Hill?
Farmland Conservation’s East Coast Pioneers
Detroit’s New Rapid Transit Line Gets (More) Real
What Local Governments Can Do:
Zoning People In, Not Out
Michigan Automakers Await Climate Change Ruling
Coast to Coast, Farmland Preservation Blossoms
True Adventure, Happy Ending
State Wants More Pavement on Health Hill
Dairy Farms or More Suburbia?
Working Hard, Yet Living in a Hovel
Whose Water Is It, Anyway?
Smart Growth Leader’s Victories, Regrets
An Old Port’s New Day
Supreme Court Decision a Warning on Wetlands
A New Avenue of Prosperity
The Cradle of Transportation Considers A New Baby
Mixing and Matching
Teamwork in Traverse City
Non-Partisan Study Packs a Surprise
HomeStretch: Building and Selling, Affordably
Energy Fair Looks at Sunny Side
Growers Taste Success with Farm Guide
Lawbreaker or Principled Resistor?
In Traverse: Real Work on a Regional Plan
Statewide Standards for Windmills?
Classic Concepts Breed Success
Unemployment, Gas Prices Renew Transit Struggle
Treading the Path to Prosperity
Cuts to Block Grants Spark Bipartisan Outcry
Detroit’s Unsung Development Hero
Committees Disagree on Art’s Economic Power
In Chicago, a Green Economy Rises
A Bad Move, Barely Deferred
Going to Town
A Republican Champion For Cities and Towns
Fix a Road, Finance a Rapid Transit System
Between Soil and Clouds
10 Principles of New Urbanism
A Lesson from Acme
A Very Special Thank You
Classic Concepts Breed Success
Going to Town
How Petoskey’s Visionary Founder Got It Right
New Urbanist Imposters
Regional New Urbanism Resources
Step by Step
Three New Urbanists Reshaping Michigan’s Development Patterns
You Know It When You See It
Northport Board Faces Recall Over Sewer Petition
‘Picture This,’ Petoskey Planners Suggest
The Boardman's Eagles: Evidence of the End of Carelessness?
New Life on Plan-It Boyne
Big Wind Arrives in Michigan’s Thumb
Great Lakes Lawmakers Unveil Restoration Bill
Acme Seeks Funds for New Urbanist Redesign
Emmet Begins Close Look at Future Plans
Kent County May Form Transit Task Force
Draining Michigan’s Rapid Transit Swamp
New Law Intensifies Water Diversion Debate
Farm Fresh School Lunches Can Cost More, but Worth It
Cities Flattened By Budget Axe
Trapped in the 20th Century
It Takes a (Proactive) Village
Planes and Trains, Part II
Planes and Trains, Part I
By the Numbers:
Water Takeover Bill Squeezes Detroit, Granholm
Youth: The Amenity Next Door
Will Election Year Politics Derail a New Start?
Out of the Car and Into Shape
‘Unbreaking Windows’
Farmers Rejoice as Governor Orders State to Buy Michigan First
Tapping the Green Stuff in Local Markets
Super Bowl Week Yields A Lesson in Civics
What’s Good for Water is Good for the Economy
Looking for Modern Transit
Rogers’ Motion Moves Stalled Transit Debate
Five Steps to Fair Funding
Getting There Together
Hey, We Need A Plan!
Looking for Modern Transit
There’s No Reason to Wait
Horse and Buggy or Rail and Streetcar?
Could Smart Growth Tip the Next Presidential Election?
Building Timeless Places
Brownfield Program’s Big Pay-Off
Up-North Brownfield Revivals Yield Jobs, Parks
Traverse City’s New Economy Rises on Old Brownfields
Governor, Mayor Hatched State’s Brownfield Boom
New Plans For Barren Lands
An Inheritance Neglected


Car Trouble?
10 Water-Wise Recommendations
Making Sure That Water Works
Great Lakes Pacts Would Boost Jobs
John Norquist: From Detroit to Shanghai
Color Of Opportunity in Van Buren Is Blue...Berries
Traverse City Business Leaders Support a New Growth Strategy in Michigan
‘What’s Good for Farms Is Good for Michigan’
Awaiting A Presidential Call On The Great Lakes
Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman!
A New Urban World After All
Honey, We Shrunk the Big Box!
Internet Sales Help Downtown Smart Growth Revival
Family Fisheries Struggle to Reel in a Profit
Working Families Pushed Out Of Town, Into Debt
Plan to Restore Great Lakes Enters Troubled Waters Phase
Getting There No Longer Just About Highways and Cars in Detroit
The Back Page
America’s Vanishing Dream
Friends & Neighbors: Mark Denson
Smart Talk
So, What’s Shaking in 2011?
The Institute Ten Years On
For State Farmers and Their Land, New Respect
Brownfield Single Business Tax Credits
Brownfield Tax Increment Financing
Brownfields’ Big Pay-Off
Four Up-North Success Stories
Getting Started
New Plans For Barren Lands
Resources and Further Information
Reviving Michigan’s Brownfields
Showing You The Money
Traverse City’s New Economy Rises on Old Brownfields
Lawmakers Flood Lansing with New Water Bills
Charlevoix Big-Box Battle: Part Two
Who Gets to Be a 'Commerce Center'?
In New Orleans’ Mud, A Ward Determined Not To Slip Away
Wolves Making a Comeback in Northern Michigan
No Time for Treading Water
Winning Downtowns Stack Their Decks
Legalizing New Urbanism
Rating System Asks: Where You At?
Michigan’s Crash Diet
Against the Wind?
'One Foot In Memory, One Foot In Prophecy'
Smaller Motors Not Invited...Yet
Go Organic, Get a Tax Cut
Grand Rapids Readies a Transit Summit
Ground Zero Should Celebrate Life, Not Memorialize Fear
Smart Growth and National Security
Sprawl vs. Small:
The Incredible Shrinking Box
Without Doubt, Rail Builds Better Economy
Conference: Better Great Lakes, More Great Jobs
Successful Bypass Foes Get Busy Again
Up North Fest Marks Organics’ Rapid Spread
Proposed Law Would Cork Michigan's Growing Wine Industry
America’s Fading Dream: Homeownership for Working People
In Acme, a Win for Big Boxes
The Ultimate Water Park
Less Water Means More Money
House Attack on Wetlands Galvanizes Senate Defense
Whose Water Is It, Anyway?
Tear Down Those Fences
Acme Votes Tuesday on Big-Box Timeout
Control Big-Box Stores, Chart Acme’s Future
Will $20 Billion Plan Trigger Cleanup or Brush-Off?
Big Project Agreements Yield Big Community Benefits
Downtowns Harvest Farmers Markets’ Growing Success
A Small Crack in the Dam?
Southeast Michigan Studies Regional Transit, Again
In Local Fruits, Vegetables, A New Prosperity Beckons
State Land Review Draws Praise, Little Criticism
Weak Transit Costs Metro Detroiters Dearly
Court’s Hathcock Ruling Offers Clues to Beach Walking Suit
Another Judge Says No to Village at Grand Traverse
‘Living for the City’
Rust Belt to Blue Belt
Growth Booming in Northwest Michigan
Two State Senators, Two Swipes at Sprawl
State Senate Misses Another Bus
Never Easy, Never Dull
In Denver’s Transit Breakthrough, A Lesson For Detroit
Granholm Moves Water Reform to Higher Ground
Taste the Local Difference!
Railroads, Auto Companies Remain Mute Over $700 Million Detroit Freight Investment
Anger, Bitterness, and Noise Leave Michigan "In The Dust"
Waste Not, Want Not, Bond Not
It’s a Shore Thing
Sustaining America's Inland Seas
New Path to Prosperity
Michigan’s Newly Profitable Asparagus Alley
When One Company Sips, Nestle Gulps
Making It Special
The Height of Foolishness: Sprawl Without Growth
Green Rules, the Bottom Line, and MDEQ
10 Recommendations
Interstate Partners:
It’s A Shore Thing
Less Water Means More Money
Low-Impact Design:
Making Sure That Water Works
New Philosophy:
New Technology:
New Technology:
Sustainable Cities:
Sustaining Our Inland Seas
The Ultimate Water Park
Waste Not, Want Not, Bond Not
Will Voters Allow New Generation Among Old Classics?
The Serious Side of Selling Fun On Farms
Petoskey’s Big Suitor: Tall and Handsome, or Out Of Place?
At 35, an Earth Day Surprise
No Kidding. School Food That Tastes Good
CEO Touts Sustainability as Path to Higher Profits
Rural Employers See Need For Public Transit
The Designer Discount
Fresh in June, Taste the Local Difference!
Friends & Neighbors
Granholm Aides Eye New Way to Move Her Water Legacy Act
Smart Talk
State Supreme Court Could Draw a Line in the Sand
Federal Funding for Community Economic Development
Michigan Groups Mobilize to Save Block Grants
Hunger Grows for Locally Grown Food
Saving Water, Ford Sees Two Shades of Green
Michigan Supreme Court Asked to Draw Line In The Sand
Building Condos or Community?
Michigan’s Comeback City
An Ode to Olmsted in Orange
Detroit Branch NAACP:
Detroit’s Public Transit Stuck in Neutral
Michigan Land Use Institute:
NAACP, Institute Recommend: Better Transit, Housing and Race Relations
Race Relations Slow Progress in Metropolitan Detroit
What Detroiters Are Saying About a Powerful New Partnership
Working Detroiters Need More Affordable Housing
Her Glow A Bit Dimmer, Granholm Revamps Game Plan
“Smart and Reachable”
City Kids and Country Pies
Conservatives Propose Factory Farm Waste Subsidies
Crunch Time in Acme
Denver Voters Gallop To Smart Growth
State Business, GOP Leaders Attack Granholm Water Law
Granholm Administration Eyes New Strategy to Move Water Legacy Act
Message From Hog Heaven:
More Michigan Businesses Embrace ‘Sustainability’
It’s A Family Affair
Greenfields, Brownfields, and Red Ink
Follow The Money
Supersizing Acme:
Wisconsin’s Road to Water Wisdom
Economic Consequences of Sprawl
Follow The Money
Grand Rapids' Blueprint For Redevelopment
Grand Rapids' History of Self-Inflicted Wounds
Greenfields,Brownfields and Red Ink
Michigan’s Comeback City
On Solving Sprawl, A Rare Unity of Purpose
Southeast Michigan’s High-Priced Spread
The Institute and UCP Michigan Recommend 10 Steps to Prosperity
Overcharging for Excellence
Congress Could Put More Local Food Into Schools
Land Bank Goes to Work on Flint
Shopkeepers Are Antidote to Big Boxes
A Bumblebee for Walking


Fresh Food Brainstorm Feeds The Hungry, Supports Local Farmers
Legislature OKs Affordable Housing Fund
Expanding Our Vision
Oregon: A Smart Growth Slap-Down?
Sensitivity Training
Bush, Kerry Supporters Agree on New Development Strategy
Sleeping Bear's Big Stink
Feds Fund Grand Traverse “Visioning”
Suburban Retailers Say Hello to Downtown
Small Town or Sprawl Town?
East Meets West
Survey: Schools Want More Fresh Food
Some Business Groups Resist Water Reforms
Benzie Eyes A Ticket to Ride
Michigan House Votes Ban on Great Lakes Withdrawals
420 Million: America’s New Population Boom
Paths to Survival
Up North, Voters Weigh Buying Farmers’ Development Rights
Environmental Rollbacks Loom in Federal Transportation Bills
Confronting Sprawl, Traverse City Eyes New Path
Great Lakes Governors Propose New Water Withdrawal Rules
Chefs Say Local Produce Boosts Their Success
The Profitable Path To Taming Sprawl Starts Here
Bridge Shutdown Prompts Groundbreaking Growth Study
Back to the Future For Young G.O.P. Lawmaker
Jimmy Carter Hammers at Michigan’s Affordable Housing Problem
The Maul Of America
Family Farms Grow by Selling Shares to Neighbors
Flush With Pride
Acme Traffic and Transportation Review
Conditions For Reviewing Conceptual Plan
Opponents Urge Defeated Trustees To Table Immense Project
Two Important Meetings
Federal Funding's Late Arrival Chokes Transit
Ferndale, Veteran Activists Say SEMCOG Is Undemocratic
A Determined Reformer Stands in Sprawl's Path
The Asphalt Rebellion:
Michigan’s Pro-Transit Landslide
Tondu Pushes ‘Clean Coal,’ Sues City That Demanded It
A Dutch Export To Michigan Raises A Stink
Green Goals "LEED" To Calls To Enhance Building Rating System
Bush Swings Axe at Popular Forest Protections
Beachcombing Ban Ripples Across Great Lakes
Bottled Water or Better Toilets?
Governor’s Awards Salute Urban Revitalization
‘Buzz’ Thomas Goes Beyond Cool Cities
Lansing Tries Again on Farmland Tax Reform
What’s The Wait on Mercury?
An Ode to Asparagus and Local Food
Friends & Neighbors: Walking the Walk
From The Field
Our Back Pages
Show Da City Sum Luv
Smart Talk
Sprawlbusters Update
Court’s Unexpected Order: Keep Off The Beach!
Michigan’s National Parks: Fraying A Little As Budgets Get Trimmed
Johnson to Granholm: My Way Is The Highway
Big Boxes, Little Boxes, and Farmland Protection
Show Da City Sum Luv
Aiding The Hunt For Healthier Local Foods
Bush Campaign Chair Fabricated Job Loss Number
New Threads For The City
In Leelanau, Frustration About Agriculture Zoning
Small Is Beautiful
Traverse City Steps Up to Smart Commuting
Three Steps to Transit Success
Private Instincts, Public Good
An Ode to Asparagus and Local Food
Slowing Edge-ucation
Signs of Life for Affordable Housing
Northport’s Catch 22
Faster Speedways or Swifter Madness?
A Quiet Force For Cool Cities
Granholm’s Urban Therapy
Governor’s Conservation Bill Treads Water
Wal-Mart’s Low Prices Are No Bargain, Citizens Say
The Path to Green Power Goes Through Manistee
Global Warming Melting Michigan’s Snow Economy
Scraping the Bottom of the (Pork) Barrel
Granholm Vetoes Farmland Tax Bill
Boom and Bust
It’s Showtime, Again!
New Route to Transportation Design
“Team North” Considers Land Use Reform
A New Kind of Water Park
The Transportation Bill Could Slim Us Down
Big City Schools, Big City Challenges
Transit Works
Granholm Promotes People-Friendly Road Design
Here Lies a Beloved Place
Coal-Powered Plant Fires Up Hot Dispute in Manistee
Governor Jennifer Granholm
Lake Michigan Springs a Leak
Living For The City
New Era, New Attitude
Our Back Pages
Sprawlbusters Update
Working for the Best of Both Worlds
Grand Rapids' Skid Row Renaissance
National Energy Market, Political Trends Foster Manistee Coal Plant
Outward Bound
Granholm Proposes Water Protection Laws
In Granholm: Basic Values, Solid Things
County Considers Abandoning Leland
DEQ Blisters Road Commission Conduct on Proposed Bridge
Benzie Residents Call For Smaller Crystal Lake Launch
Lake Michigan Springs a Leak
A History Lesson from Jackson
A Tale of Two Cities
Big City Schools, Big City Challenges
Boom and Bust
Conclusions and Recommendations
Hard Lessons
Methodology and Credits
Michigan’s School Construction Boom
More for Your Money
Unintended Consequences
Swimming in Filth
Staying Outdoors Fattens Hogs and Profits
Coal Burning Plant Fires Up Hot Dispute in Manistee
On Protecting Water, Granholm Seems Surprisingly Unsure
Land War's Hard Lines Spark Recall Vote
People and Pavement:
How to Fall In Love With Cities
Road Commission: Boardman Bridge Could Be in Deep Trouble
Federal “Green Payments” for Entrepreneurial Farms At Risk
Key Points for Public Comments to NRCS on the CSP Proposed Rule
Accelerating Flexible Design in Michigan
Communities at the Crossroads
Learning From the Leaders
Michigan Roads: Routes to Ruin or Revitalization?
What Leaders and Experts are Saying About the New American Revolution in Transportation Design
A Five Point Approach to Protect and Conserve Michigan’s Water Resources and Future
Five Point Approach for Michigan Water Policy and Law
Legacy or Letdown?
Ideological Groups Attack Farmland Preservation
New Groundwater Council Could Challenge Granholm
In Lansing, A Legislative Breakthrough


Granholm Said Yes To Nestle Diversion After Court Said No
Cities As Magnets For The Young
Marquette’s Landmark Inn
No, No, No, No, No Again
Nestle Decision a Bipartisan Challenge
In Smart Growth’s Widening Wake, A Stream of Venom
Economic Pain Sows Seeds of Prosperity
Conservatism That No Longer Conserves
Survey Finds Growing Support For Smart Growth Measures
At The Polls, Another Good Day For Smart Growth
"Turfism is an Anachronism"
Granholm Chooses Grand Rapids to Underscore Sprawl-Fighting Priorities
Central Park Turns 150 and Other Cities Take Note
Granholm Gubernatorial Victory Studied for 2004
Home Builders Train Guns on Ann Arbor Land Plan
Saving Detroit’s Orchestra Hall
Is That American?
A Sweet Promise of Success
From the Field
Granholm’s Way
Great Lakes Bulletin Fall 2003
Smart Talk
Sprawlbusters Update
Traverse City Developer Ray Minervini
A Civic Gift
Granholm’s Way
Speaker’s “Fit of Pique” Over Rivers
Virtual Is No Refuge From Reality
Pulling a 4F?
Speaker’s Assault Prompts Defense of River Law
Saving Land and Money
The "Property Rights" Hypocrisy
A Huge Day For Northern Michigan’s Natural Beauty
Escanaba In Da Daylight
A Civic Gift
A Civic Gift
Allegan’s Civil Society
Delivering the Good News
It’s Showtime, Again!
Marquette’s Landmark Inn
Reaping Historic Rewards
Saving Detroit’s Orchestra Hall
Take a Trip Through Time
What Leaders Are Saying About Historic Preservation...
Sweet Promise of Success
Just Around the Bend
Adjusting the Zone Defense
City Hall, Get Me Re-Write!
Analysis Assessing Different Options for Reducing the State’s PILT Burden, Including Proposed Sale of Public Lands and Senator McManus’s Senate Bill 521.
Too Much Land?
A River’s Message:
Code Red In A Blue Water Basin
Lake Michigan’s Wild West Coast:
Pumped Out:
The Cuyahoga River:
Council Calls for Directing Sales Tax Revenue to Transit
Granholm Aides Study Controversial Bridge
Girth and Growth
No More Canned Spinach?
"Beautifully Engineered Bad Idea"
"The Creek’s Last Words?"
Quiet For a Time, Property Movement Roars Back to Life
Great Park or Bad Bridge?
Boardman River Photo Gallery
Council Hones Michigan Smart Growth Program
Bridge Out! Alternate Route Advised!
Bridge Out! Alternate Route Advised!
Stop the Boardman River Bridge!
No War For Oil?
Politics and Two Determined Women Cross on Highways
Appeal for Reason on Environment
U.S. Lawmakers Urged to Oppose White House Rollbacks
Michigan Speaker Appears Less Sure On Attacking Sprawl
Rick Johnson: In His Own Words
Inside Moves
Love That Dirty Water?
Oh My Gosh That’s So Cool!
Our Back Pages
Sandee and Bernie Ware:
Smart Talk
Sprawlbusters Udate
Table of Contents
Governor, Citizens Say Yes to Natural Rivers
Granholm Makes, Honors Michigan History
On the Bumpy Road to Lansing, Again
Oh My Gosh That’s So Cool!
Love That Dirty Water?
Property Rights or Wetlands Wronged?
It Ain’t Even Close
Under Attack on Smart Growth, Granholm Keeps the Faith
A Tide of Influence Swamps Groundwater Protections
Anthems In The Architecture
Smart Growth Can Deliver Affordable Housing
Slower Motion in Motown
Cuba’s Delicious Surprise
New DEQ Chief Endorses Natural Rivers
Michigan Apartheid
What Works, What Doesn’t in Smart Growth Policy
DNR Strikes Back
Just in Time
‘A Taste of Michigan’
Gaining Weight
Granholm: “Leave Labels and Borders” At The Door
In Her Own Words
Deciding The Fate Of The Great Lakes
Friends and Neighbors
From the Field
Great Lakes Bulletin
Making Smart Growth A Reality in Michigan
Once In A Generation
Our Back Pages
Smart Talk
Sprawlbusters Update
State Road Repair Program Deeply Flawed
Acres of Common Ground
DNR Schedules Natural Rivers Hearings
Hartford's "Learning Corridor" Leads to Urban Revival
Johnson Made Large Contributions to Attorney General
State Senate Again Considers Groundwater Protection
Choosing Fresh Water Forever
Communities Feel Drain on Great Lakes First
Secure the Future of Great Lakes Water
Broad Support Revs Up Public Transit
Bumpy Ride for Buses and Trains
Cities With Vision Move Ahead
Federal Dollars Flow Elsewhere
New Economic Engine
Rhetoric vs. Reality
The Transit Connection
Top Transit Leaves No One Behind
Look Close: Flood of Money, Words Yield Scant Improvement in State Roads
Water Experts Urge Great Lakes Action
Michigan Regions Play Transit Catch-Up
All Aboard For The New Regional Ride
Ann Arbor Takes Conductor's Seat
Grand Rapids Quickens Transit Pace
Michigan Regions Play Transit Catch-Up
New Motion in Motown
ON BOARD: Choosing The Bus Broadens A Family’s World View
ON BOARD: Company’s Creativity Offers Employees Less-Stressful Lifestyle
ON BOARD: Many Happy Years Without A Car
ON BOARD: Partnership Saves Money, Gives Students Choices
ON BOARD: Too Old to Drive, too young to stop Moving
Sault Ste. Marie: Goin’ Up the Country, By Bus
Statewide Coalition Supports 5-Step Program
The American Dream Does Not Look Like Sprawl
The Regional Ride
What Leaders Are Saying About Public Transportation
When Ecology Drives an Economy
Breaking Logjam on Natural Rivers
New Comfort on the Farm with Taking Business Chances
South Fox Island Needs Your Help - Quickly Please
Michigan New Leader in U.S. Movement to Tame Sprawl
Granholm Appoints Institute Director to Smart Growth Council
House Speaker Opposes Natural River Protections
"Lunch Ladies" Search for Local Food
After the Fall
Communities Put Farming Back in Their Futures
Farmers Markets Bloom With Shoppers Seeking Fresh Food
Farmers Take Control of Crops
Finding A Profit Niche
Got Milk Money?
Investing in Farm Futures
Make the Local Farm Connection
Michigan's Own Napa Valley
Rebuilding Local Markets
Soybeans Give Way to Sunflowers
States Get Back Into Meat Business
The New Entrepreneurial Agriculture
Why Don't We Work With Farmers
Republican Leaders “Totally Committed” to Smart Growth Commission
Community Opportunity in Petoskey
Rising From The Dead: State River Law Breathes Anew
Grrr! State Greens Have Savvy, Plus Sharp Teeth and Claws
Granholm Names Milliken, Kelley to Head Smart Growth Commission
Howling at Big Box Sprawl


A New Green Coat For An Old Grey Factory
Rural Northwest Michigan Takes Big Steps to Block Sprawl
Bootstrapping Economic Development
Whitefish Point Management Plan Finalized, Released to Public
Small Grower Finds New Path to Bigger Profits
Resource Agency Again Asks Granholm to Approve Fox Swap
Who is the Smart Growth Leader?
Seattle Gets to Farmland Preservation Through Great Food
Michigan’s Smart Growth Governor and Her Unlikely Allies
At the Polls, A Good Day For Quality of Life
Grand Rapids Homebuilders Aim Torpedo At Farmland Protection
As Election Ends, Grand Rapids Readies For Land Use Leap
Two Roads to Relieve Congestion
On Environment, Activism vs. Incentives
Unions Weigh in to Beat Back Sprawl
Institute, State Chamber Study School Location Decisions, Development Patterns
Despite Abundance, New Talk About Limits
Dick Posthumus Thinks Small Farms Are Dead in Michigan?
Dangerous Roads, Dirtier Air
Posthumus Vows to Extend Protections for Wild Rivers
New Farm Futures
Is It A Good Place?
Home Prices Afire
$90 Million Highway Ditched in Petoskey
Groups Continue Fight Against Boardman Bridge
In Kent County, Stirring A Plan To Protect Farmland
Joining Farm and City
Beyond Convention on Farm Profitability, Land Conservation
In Land of Kisses, a Slap in the Face
National Park Land Swap Would Violate Public Trust
Make the Local Farm Connection
Top Transit Leaves No One Behind
Deadline Missed on Water Security Pact
At the Head of the Smart Growth Pack: Earl Blumenauer
Earl Blumenauer: In His Own Words
After Neglect, A Welcome Consensus on the Environment
Once It’s Gone, It’s Gone Forever
The New Entrepreneurial Agriculture
A Rare Call for Stronger Cities
A Runway to Sprawl
Making Tough Streets A Little Friendlier
Proposed Boardman River Bridge Illogical, Unnecessary
The Transit Connection
Posthumus’ "Marshall Plan" for Great Lakes Gains Definition
In His Own Words
In His Own Words
A Mayor Speaks Out on Sprawl
As a Thirsty World Watches, Michigan Considers New Water Security Law
Attorney General Denies South Fox Land Swap
Wildlife-Friendly Roads
Fresh Fields
Got Milk Money?
An End to Great Lakes Drilling
The New Entrepreneurial Agriculture
Michigan Losing Its Shirt in Transit Funds
Suit Aims to Stop Bridge Across Boardman
Institute, Partners Gather Along Boardman to Block Bridge
At 31, Sleeping Bear Dunes Gets a Makeover
Institute Comments on the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore General Management Plan
Not The Typical Urban Stream
Granholm’s Great Lakes Initiative
New Alternatives’ Comment on the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Response to EIS: Petoskey Bypass
Summary of Comments on the Petoskey Bypass
Remarks by Michigan Attorney General Jennifer Granholm, a candidate for Governor
A Reawakening for Rail
Drawing Closer to a Ban
About Face on Factory Farms
Defending Wetlands and New County Law
From Island to Courtroom
Mountains, Elk, and Sprawl
A Torrent of Promise
A Great Levitator Comes Back to Earth
Oil and Us
Homeland Security Revisited
Detroit Draws Closer to Regional Transit System


A Window Into the Heart of America
Top 10 Flaws of Petoskey Bypass
Limited Land Trade Set For South Fox
There’s Still a Farm at Indiana Development
Sprawl No Antidote to Terror
Put a Cork in It
Effective Public Transit — A Resource Guide for People with Disabilities
After Calamity, New Yorkers Sought Traditional, Intimate Public Places
Out of Desolation, A Drumbeat of Hope
Road Commission Fails to Reveal Government, Citizen Opposition to Bridge Plan
Detroit Archdiocese Tackles Sprawl
Michigan's Attorney General Weighs In: Perrier Plan is a Great Lakes Diversion
Hey Kid, Try Walking!
House Leaders Gird for Battle on Great Lakes Drilling
Posthumus Skips Crucial Great Lakes Drilling Forums
State Senate Committee Considers Risks to Great Lakes
Statement by K.L. Cool, DNR Director, on Great Lakes Drilling
Attorney General's Letter to Gov John Engler on Water Diversion
Attorney General's Opinion on Perrier and Water Diversion
Bar Great Lakes Leasing
Attorney General Jennifer Granholm's letter to K.L. Cool, Director of the Department of Natural Resources
State Senate Committee Considers Risks to Great Lakes
Citizens Defeat the Traverse City Bypass
Michigan Gives Perrier Permission
Pushing His Party Over a Precipice
Message to Congress: Stop Sprawl. Create New Farm Markets
Cheaper by the Wetlands
Detroit Takes Big Transit Step
Fresh Thinking Spares a Growing Township and Its Creek
From the Field
Great Lakes Drilling Shifts Political Winds
Guess What! Fake Wetlands Don’t Work
Here’s How
Kids Get the Nonpoint Picture
Natural Prosperity
Natural Prosperity
Natural Prosperity
On Hands and Knees:
State Fuels Growth Pressures
State Orders Big Fake Wetland
Take Action
Townships Stand Firm on Growth
Water Watchers Sound Alarm Up North
Mobility Rules
Take It to the River
Great American Cities
Great Lakes Supernova
Better by Design
The New Quality of Life Politics
House Republican Task Force on Great Lakes Protection
A Real Drilling: Nasty Party Fight Over Great Lakes Energy
Land of the Free…Parking
Hearings Set for South Fox Swap
I Miss the Clock at the Crescent
How Long Can We Wait?
Comprehensive Planning and Development of Oil and Gas Resources Beneath the Great Lakes
“Smart Roads: Petoskey”
Institute Urges DEQ to Defer Perrier Permit
Citizens Urge Lawmakers to Oppose I-94 Widening Plan
DEQ, Developers Muddy Lake Leelanau Narrows Plan
RE: Proposed $1.3 billion widening of seven miles of Interstate 94 in Detroit
Brisk Business for Environmental Journalists
At Last, Michigan’s Leadership Unveils an Agenda to Solve Sprawl
A “Small” Withdrawal?
From the Heartland, A Bid to Protect Greenspace and Cities
Turning Environmental Protections to Mush
What About “Sound Science?”
Minnesota’s Myron Orfield Builds Downtown to Cure Sprawl
A Bridge Too Flawed
A Special Place to Live
Coastal Development Subsidies
Extra Protections for Your Shoreline
Filling The Protection Gaps
Making Shoreline Protections a Reality
Michigan's Transit Future Starts Today
Rail Across the Nation
Rail is Energizing Cities Coast to Coast
The Anatomy of a Shoreline Overlay
Yours to Protect
State Denies Permit to Burn Tires Without Scrubbers
Text of DEQ Letter to Cadillac Renewable Energy Denying Permission to Burn Tires Without Scrubbers
Wake For a Fading Suburbia
Hold Back the Drills
Bypass Would Grow Traverse City in Wrong Direction
Ludington State Park Nominated as First Land Reserve
Judge Upholds Sand Dune Law
Whoa! to New Great Lakes Drilling
'Up North' Skies Up for Grabs
All Aboard...the Bus?
Climb Aboard the Rubber Tire Railroad
Country Conflict
Double Wetland Duty
Grassroots Voters Start 'Smart Growth' Election Fire
Rails to Sales
Ripping Up Rail
Take A Fast Train
Treasure Island
A Real Place to Call Home
Keep Dirt Where It Belongs: On Land
Surprise! In Michigan, A Land Planning Idea Fit for the 21st Century
Institute Urges DEQ to Follow Expert Advice and Reject Waste Well
Summary of Public Comment on the Boardman River Crossing Mobility Study
With Whitman at EPA, Bush Takes Sprawl Seriously
‘Up North’ Skies Up for Grabs
Letter to US Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Weighs Leelanau Coastal Development
As EPA Chief, Does Christie Whitman Understand How to Grow?
Campaign Donations Yield Treasure Island For Michigan Developer


When It Comes to Sprawl, Voters Get It
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Intervenes in Traverse City Bypass Study
Driven to Spend
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Intervenes in Traverse City Bypass Study
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Intervenes in Traverse City Bypass Study
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Intervenes in Traverse City Bypass Study
Why Can't Johnny Walk To School?
Support Grows for Institute’s Alternative to Petoskey Bypass
Michigan Land Use Institute Opposes South Fox Island Land Swap
Planning, Transit, and the Good Life Exasperates Free Marketeers
Does Compassionate Conservatism Mean Halting Sprawl?
DEQ to Residents: Shut Up and Take Your Hazardous Waste Well
Electrifying Win in Milan Township
Friends of the Crystal River Persist for 14 Years, and Win
"Compliance Assitance": Rhetoric vs. Reality
"Farmland Preservation" Proposal a Sprawl Subterfuge
Big Stink
Changing Places, and Winning
Citizens Guard Your Master Plans
Dead End Road?
Detroit Visionary
Ending the Mismatch
Good Laws Undermined
Guard Your Master Plans
How The Big Boys Get Away With It
Lansing Transfers Public Assets to Private Interests
Legal Sandstorm
New Direction Curbs Road-Building Binge, Conserves Land and Tax Money
We The People
Weldon Township Considers Development Conditions
Wildlife At Risk : Stone Ridge Site Rich in Wildlife
Question in Property Rights Fight: Who's Taking Whom?
Research Report : Defining "Essential Character"
Research Report : The Cost of Sprawl
Do We Really Want A Conventional Sprawlscape?
Big Agriculture Interests Block Farmland Tax Break
Auctioning The Future to Private Interests
Smart Growth is Opportunity for Candidates to Galvanize Voters
Detailed Alternatives to the Petoskey Bypass
Protecting the Land
Smart Roads: Petoskey: The Smart Choice
Smart Roads: Petoskey: The Smart Choice
Build Michigan III Would Pave Way to More Traffic and Sprawl
New Farmland Tax Proposals Encourage Development, Not Protection
New Farmland Tax Proposals Encourage Development, Not Protection
Plan to Keep Farmers on Land Symied by Subsidy
Clean Water Requires Same Regulation As Clean Money
Administration Agrees to Largest Sale of Public Land Ever
Michigan's Road to Rail
Once Again, Traverse City Planning Commission Rejects Bypass Route
Engler Administration Proposes Largest-Ever Sale of Public Forest Land to Private Developers
Breaking the Sprawl Addiction
Breaking the Sprawl Addiction
Breaking the Sprawl Addiction
Breaking the Sprawl Addiction
Breaking the Sprawl Addiction
Capitol Report
Holding Out for the Family Farm
Local Control: Best Discipline for Big Business, Big Government
Planning to Sprawl
Project Focus
Protecting Michigan's Great Lakes Coast
Why Franchises Rule the Road
Working Together Makes Sense
Your Tax Dollars at Work
DEQ’s Weak Resolve to Follow Law Invites Court Challenges
End of the Road
Fiscal Analysis


State Attacks Local Government to Make Way for Mega Manure
Michigan Tax Tribunal Recognizes Hog Factory Stench
Administration Gradually Building Back Michigan's Once-Laudable Monitoring Program
Among Michigan's Citizen-Led Restoration Projects, Three Noteworthy Models
Among Michigan's Citizen-Led Restoration Projects, Three Noteworthy Models
Au Sable River Watershed Restoration
Big Drains Flush Sprawl's Pollution Downstream
Big Drains Flush Sprawl's Pollution Downstream
Calamities Show, Soil Sedimentation Law Needs a Major Overhaul
Calamities Show, Soil Sedimentation Law Needs a Major Overhaul
Case Study #1 State Opens Gate, Waterways to Livestock Factories
Case Study #1 State Opens Gate, Waterways to Livestock Factories
Case Study #1 State Opens Gate, Waterways to Livestock Factories
Case Study #2 Natural Rivers Protect Public, Private Values
Case Study #2: No Rules No Respect
Case Study #3: Blank Checks and Runaway Drains
Case Study #4: Private Property Rights at Risk
Case Study #5: Corporate Welfare
Citizens Create Workable Blueprint to Ease Congestion, Save Money
Cleveland Suburbs (continued from previous page)
Cleveland Suburbs Blaze Trail, Work Together to Stop Sprawl
Coastal Drilling Update: Will Congress Enact a Ban?
Developer Runs Humbug Red Light
Drain Code Reform
How to Be a Good Neighbor in Your Watershed
It's Not Just About Counting Private Profits
Lawmakers Pass Five Reform Bills, But Let Too Many Good Ones Go
LIVESTOCK (continued from previous page)
Organizers Working to Keep Jordan Valley Off-Limits to Drilling
Poison Gas Continues to Threaten Residents
Proposed Petoskey Bypass
Protecing Michigan's Lifeblood
Study #3 Evidence of Deep Ideological Attack on the State
Taxation Without Representation
The Latest in Transportation Planning:
Township Ordinance Defines Growth without Sprawl
Transportation Planning
TRANSPORTATION PLANNING (continued from previous page)
Two More Leaders Who Rose to the Challenge in Macomb
Water quality hot spots
Legislature Takes Local Zoning Out of Agriculture
Coalition for Sensible Growth's Comments on Road Project
Citizens Fight Stormwater Subsidies for Developers
More Highways Won’t Solve Congestion
Landmark Legislation
Think Your Commute is Bad?
Letter to James Kirschensteiner, PE
When Michigan Said "Enough!"
United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 5
Attorney General, Lawmakers Act to Protect Great Lakes Shoreline
Bridge Project South of Traverse City, First Link in 30-Mile Bypass, Is
Ecological Values
Focus: Access to Government
Framework For Sprawl (Page1)
Framework For Sprawl (Page2)
Industry Renews Pressure to Drill under Lake Michigan
New Report Champions Natural Rivers Program
Special Report: Transportation Project
Special Report: Transportation Project Take Action
State Shuts Out Public on Environment
State-of-the-Art Mobility?
Taking Motorists for a Ride
The Road More Traveled
The Smooth Ride Home
There's a Better Way to Get There (Page 1)
There's a Better Way to Get There (Page 2)
There's a Better Way to Get There (Page 3)
Township Overrules DEQ, Adopts Own H2S Protections
Watershed Bill a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Traverse City Area Public Schools
Grand Haven-Holland Bypass Will Result in More Congestion, Air Pollution, and Costs to Taxpayers
Michigan Transportation and Land Use Policy Initiative: Introduction and Strategy for Project Partners
Participation Agreement
Top 5 Priorities
Comments on the Boardman River Crossing Mobility Study Grand Traverse County Michigan
Forces Gather to Combat Sprawl
Acting As a Region to Tame Sprawl
Acting As a Region to Tame Sprawl
Acting As a Region to Tame Sprawl
At Home and in Washington, New Leadership Emerges
Bringing the Past to Life
Case Study
Dash for the Cash
Global Food Game: Squeeze Farmers, Corner Consumers, Pocket Dough
In A Major Disconnect, HIghways Still Dominate Grand Rapids Agenda
In A Major Disconnect, HIghways Still Dominate Grand Rapids Agenda
Mancelona Tackles Industrial Waste Clean Up
Modern Agriculture 101: Corporate Power Grab
New State Coalition to Work for Transportation Choices
Report from the Capital
Report Outlines Workable Alternatives
Report Outlines Workable Alternatives
For Clean Beaches, Clear Rivers, Enforce The Law
Acting As a Region to Tame Sprawl
Acting As a Region to Tame Sprawl
White House, Congress Mobilize Around Sprawl
Oversight of Livestock Industry Fails Farmers, Environment
Losing Michigan’s Public Forests, One Sale At a Time
Case-by-Case Review: Michigan Department of Agriculture's Right-to-Farm Complaint Response System
Case-By-Case Review: Michigan Department of Agriculture's Right-to-Farm Response Program
Case-by-Case Review: Michigan Department of Agriculture’s Right-to-Farm Complaint Response Program
Part I: Oversight of Livestock Industry Fails Farmers, Environment
Part I: Oversight of Livestock Industry Fails Farmers, Environment
United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 5
Report: Useful Alternatives to the Petoskey Bypass
Useful Alternatives to the Petoskey Bypass


Transportation Alternatives
Detroit Can Learn from Cleveland on Ways to Stop Sprawl
Who is Served by More Concrete?
Acting As a Region to Tame Sprawl
"Clean Michigan" Bond Raises Issue of Polluter Accountability
"Sound Science" or the Science of Politics?
"Sound Science" or the Science of Politics?
2,800 Acres of Pere Marquette Forest on the Auction Block
Conference on Smart Growth Propels Land Use As National Issue
Detroit Neighborhoods Organizing to Shake Toxic Burden
Detroit Neighborhoods Organizing to Shake Toxic Burden
Gas Wells Move Closer to Torch Lake
Great Lakes Coastal Drilling on Hold, For Now
Lansing Takes Hand-Off Approach
Lansing Takes Hands-Off Approach
Large Parcel of AuSable Forest May Be Sold For Industrial/Commercial Use
Lawmakers Intensify Logging on Public Lands
Legislature Passes Six Energy Reform Bills
New Emergency Response Rules Proposed for Poison Gas Accidents
Polluter Payday
Sweeping Watershed Protection Bill Pending in State House
To Hold in Trust, or Put Up for Sale?
Udalls' Legacy
State Supreme Court Rebukes Engler’s Takings Stance
A Forest of Communication Towers
Governors Across the Nation Take On Sprawl
How Some Other States Manage Growth
Making Smart Growth Happen For Michigan
Settlement Reached in Cedar River Lawsuit
Supreme Court Rejects "Property Rights" Agenda
What Maryland's Plan Does
Mute in Michigan
Bottling Up Sprawl
Close to Home
Energized Optimism
Energy Reform Bills in Lansing
Lawmakers Take Up Proposal for Better Oil and Gas Planning
Look Beneath the Surface
Maryland Has A Model Approach To Stop Sprawl and Invigorate Communities
Maryland Has Model Approach To Stop Sprawl
State Widens Investigation of Terra Energy
Terra Prohibited From Leasing State Lands
House Proposal Strengthens Planning, Public Oversight of Oil and Gas Development
Resolution of Support for Hydrocarbon Development Planning
Ending Sprawl Isn’t About Stopping All Development
Tanner Takes The Stand
Michigan Voters Will Reward Efficient Land Use Strategies
Care Must Be Taken When Drilling Along Great Lakes Shore


A Firsthand Account: Support For Bill Comes From Experience
At MERC Meetings, All Sides Debate The Issues
DNR Audit Finds $600,000 Unlawfully Withheld by Oil Industry
Drilling In Jordan Valley
Driving Away Sprawl
Green Zones
Industry and State Indifferent to Poisoning of Residents
Industry and State Indifferent to Poisoning of Residents (cont.)
Industry Attacks Institute Credibility, Undermines It's Own
Latest Industry PR Campaign Doesn't Wash
Lessons Learned From Fighting A Mega Mall
New Designs: Alternatives to Sprawl
Perpetual Paving = More Congestion
Projects Across Michigan Take On Sprawl
Projects Across Michigan Take On Sprawl
Proposal to Drill in Remote Pigeon River Country
Voters Won't Pay for Sprawl
1990s Were Lean Years in Service of the Wild
1990’s Were Lean Years in Service of the Wild
The Communications Tower Debate
Call to Action
Rivers at Risk
Directional Drilling
A Choice for Governor on Cedar River
Greener Governor?
Michigan Public Service Commission on H2S Safety
Michigan Public Service Commission on H2S Safety
Great Lakes Directional Drilling:
Unsightly Communications Towers
Position on the Application of West Bay Exploration Co.
Position on the Application of West Bay Exploration Co.
Smart Growth and Grass Roots Revival of Sound Planning and Traditional Town Design
As Companies Diverted Millions of Public Dollars, Regulators Looked the Other Way
As the Line Blurs Between City and Countryside, Farmers Find New Allies and Solutions
Farmers Find New Allies and Solutions
Farmers Find New Allies and Solutions
Innovative Farmland Protection Programs
Making the Link Between Transportation and Sprawl
New Report Calls for Vigorous Protection of Northern Michigan Watersheds
Once Dismissed as Swamps, Wetlands Are Vital to Healthy Waters and Wildlife
Opposition to Resort's Grab at Cedar River Shows Strength of Conservation Movement
Plan Very Carefully Before Drilling Beneath the Great Lakes
Prevo/Schmuckal Mega-Development in Leelanau County on Hold
Road Commission Agrees to Broader Environmental Review of New Bridge
Senator Reconsiders Bill to Weaken Natural River Act
State Lawmakers Working on Energy Reform Bills
State to Strengthen Some Rules On Human Exposure to Poisonous Hydrogen Sulfide
Striking Gold With Cherries
What's Happening to Agriculture in Northern Michigan?
Whitewater Township Protects Its Agricultural Heritage
Letter to Michigan Environmental Science Board
Better Telecom Service is Fine, but Be Judicious with Towers
Saving Family Lands
The State’s Environmental Wrecking Ball
Unsightly Communications Towers
A Comprehensive Proposal to Protect the Public from Dangerous Exposures to Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
I. Introduction and Overview
II. Critique of Existing Rules; Lapses in Oversight
III. H2S Health Hazard Assessment for Permitting and Regulation of Wells, Facilities and Pipelines
IV. Hydrogen Sulfide Exposure Limits: A Recommendation for Permitting and Regulations of Wells, Facilities, and Pipeline
IX. Summing Up
Need for New Research and Exposure Models
V. Pipelines and Facilities
VI. Emergency Response
VII. A Township Perspective: Open the Lines of Communication
VIII. State Jurisdiction and Regulatory Process Related to Regulation of H2S
Technology’s Towers Invade The Forest
On Lake Michigan Drilling: Institute Calls for Stricter Oversight
White House vs. Republican Governors
Light Rail, Passenger Trains Make Sense for Traverse City
Benzie County Wetlands:
Benzie County Wetlands:
Do I Have A Wetland On My Property?
New Urbanism in Traverse City
Peat Bog Joins The List of Engler’s Environmental Mistakes
State Approves Largest Wetland Development Permit in History
"But We've Got To Do Something"
A Chronicle of Dangerous Accidents
A Growing National Movement, Finding A Fresh Approach
A Growing National Movement, Finding A Fresh Approach
Coalition for Sensible Growth
Community Seeks to Stop a Bypass, Ease Traffic: A Four-Step Model
Curing "Litter on a Stick"
Dangerous Playground
Finding Focus and Balance in the Oil & Gas Debate
Injuries to Northern Michigan Citizens From Poisonous Hydrogen Sulfide Are Increasing
Kids in Action
Making the Connection Between Land Use, Transportation, and Air Quality
More Disclosures in the Nordhouse Dunes Case
Oil Drillers Eyeing Reserves Beneath Lake Michigan
Public Health and Safety Lawsuit Clears First Hurdle
Spills & Drills
State Audit Says Terra Energy Siphoning MIllions of Dollars From Taxpayers
State Issues Permit For Peat Mining of Rare Wetland Ecosystem
The Story on Hydrogen Sulfide
Vigilant Citizen Effort Needed to Defend the Jordan
Engler vs. EPA
White House and Engler at Odds Over Environmental Policy
Citizens' Rights in Michigan's Oil & Gas Fields
Coalition Seeks Oil & Gas Development Planning
Developer Files for Permit to Drill in Jordan Valley
Should Taxpayers Bail Out A Risky Investment?
Threats and Intimidation: This is Called "Negotiation"?
U.S. Senator Seeks Investigation of Poison Gas Accidents
Mute in Michigan: Engler’s Moves Weaken Public Input in Protecting the Environment
EPA Investigating Michigan's Loss of Wetlands
Hot Spots
Michigan's Property Rights Groups
Natural Rivers Program Under Attack
New Urbanist Town Proposed for Old Mission Peninsula
Property Rights and the Search for Justice
Report Calls For $3 Billion Taxpayer Savings
The Importance of Wetlands
The Record Shows: Distressing Agenda Gains in Michigan
What Happened in the Nordhouse Case
Michigan Rivers
Citizens’ Legislative Agenda on Oil and Gas
New Approaches to Shaping Community Futures
Don't Put Property Above Safety
Don't Put Property Above Safety
Don't Put Property Above Safety
When Mineral Rights Came Before Public Health
Dune and Swale Wetlands in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
Oakland County Case Could Undermine Wetland Protection
Options for Strengthening Wetland Protection
Quality of Life Indicators
Why Are Wetlands Important?
Engler’s Choice Is Clear: No Need to Uphold Property Rights While Protecting Public Forests
Jordan River Drilling
Hydrocarbon Development Planning Proposal
Engler Proposal and Pigeon River Plan


Rivers at Risk
America's Farthest Reaching Environmental Issue
America's Farthest-Reaching Environmental Issue
Land Stewardship
Ruffe Stuff
Suburban Sprawl: America’s Most Important Environmental Issue
Poison Gas in Manistee County
Poison Gas in Manistee County
Failed Land Deal Preserves Park’s Integrity
Moving Cars? Or Moving People?
Swap Gambit: Homestead Proposal Hurts Public
Peter Katz Promotes New Urbanism
Utility Customers Put a Premium on Wind Energy
Road Weary
NMEAC: The Next Generation
Drilling For Tax Dollars
A Legal Gusher


Near Miss in the Jordan River Valley
Barn Razing
Trouble at Timber Shores
Letter to Russell Harding, MI DEQ
Letter to Russell Harding, MI DEQ


A Summary of the Pigeon River Plan
Case Study of the Pigeon River Hydrocarbon
Case Study of the Pigeon River Hydrocarbon Development Plan
Case Study of the Pigeon River Hydrocarbon Development Plan
Coalition Members
Executive summary
Meet the Elm Street Writers Group
Needed: True Leadership
Rationale for Reviving the Hydrocarbon Development Plan
Rationale for Reviving the Hydrocarbon Development Plan Approach
Rationale for Reviving the Hydrocarbon Development Plan Approach
Rivers at Risk

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