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Plugged In: No Time to Wait on Renewables

Power to Change, Proposal 3 | November 28, 2012 | By Jim Dulzo

The ruckus over renewables isn’t over: Proposal 3’s advocates sound even more determined to boost renewables goals beyond their current “10 percent by 2015” target and make Michigan a jobs-rich, global, renewables manufacturing leader. And on Wednesday, G...

Little Effect on Power Prices in States with Big Renewables Goals

Power to Change, Proposal 3 | October 17, 2012 | By Jim Dulzo

Three states with renewable energy standards similar to those in Michigan’s Proposal 3—Minnesota, Illinois and Colorado—are seeing little or no rise in electricity prices, undermining claims that the ballot measure will sharply increase energy costs....

Norway Firm’s Local Factory Highlights Prop. 3’s Potential

Power to Change, Proposal 3 | September 26, 2012 | By Jim Dulzo

If Michigan voters approve Proposal 3 on the November ballot, Norway's Dokka and several hundred other firms in the state’s renewables manufacturing sector will have good reason to expand their operations. Prop. 3 would more than double Michigan’s current...

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