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April 1, 2001 | By Jim Lively

Setback Considerations...


April 1, 2001 | By Jim Lively

Making Room for Nature...

Filling The Protection Gaps

April 1, 2001 | By Jim Lively

How to improve and simplify shoreline protection...

State Denies Permit to Burn Tires Without Scrubbers

March 30, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

Citizen pressure upholds clean air law...

Hold Back the Drills

March 20, 2001 | By Hans Voss

Energy solutions shouldn’t include destruction of state’s natural treasures...

Ludington State Park Nominated as First Land Reserve

March 12, 2001 | By Arlin Wasserman

Citizens bid to put popular state park on Lake Michigan off limits to oil and gas drilling...

Judge Upholds Sand Dune Law

March 11, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

Jankowski family cannot build a driveway through a fragile dune...

Whoa! to New Great Lakes Drilling

March 8, 2001 | By Arlin Wasserman

A Michigan Land Use Institute backgrounder...

Climb Aboard the Rubber Tire Railroad

March 1, 2001 | By Kelly Thayer

Detroit a prime candidate for innovative system...

'Up North' Skies Up for Grabs

March 1, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

State takes advantage of clean air to promote dirty electricity...

All Aboard...the Bus?

March 1, 2001 | By Kelly Thayer

Metro Detroit eyes fast, train-like buses...

Take A Fast Train

March 1, 2001 | By Kelly Thayer

High-speed, intercity rail coming to midwest...

Rails to Sales

March 1, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

Executives wake up to public transportation as good business...

Ripping Up Rail

March 1, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

Auto industry conspiracy finished off the streetcar...

Country Conflict

March 1, 2001 | By Patty Cantrell

Neighbors and factory farmers feud over fence lines...

Double Wetland Duty

March 1, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

Local governments forced to take up state's enforcement slack...

Treasure Island

March 1, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

Campaign finance could pay off in South Fox swap...

Keep Dirt Where It Belongs: On Land

February 12, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

A big step for legislature...

Surprise! In Michigan, A Land Planning Idea Fit for the 21st Century

February 8, 2001 | By Andy Guy

Legislative leaders begin to respond to public concern...

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