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A Real Drilling: Nasty Party Fight Over Great Lakes Energy

June 21, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

Institute proposal for safe development rejected...

Hearings Set for South Fox Swap

June 1, 2001 | By Jim Lively

Public land debate approaches final stage...

How Long Can We Wait?

May 24, 2001 | By Andy Guy

Bus, rapid transit, planning will solve traffic woes in west Michigan...

Comprehensive Planning and Development of Oil and Gas Resources Beneath the Great Lakes

May 23, 2001 | By Hans Voss

A Process for DNR minerals management and interagency coordination...

“Smart Roads: Petoskey”

May 18, 2001 | By Kelly Thayer

Institute urges state to study alternative to Petoskey bypass...

Institute Urges DEQ to Defer Perrier Permit

May 16, 2001 | By Andy Guy

Further economic, environmental study necessary...

DEQ, Developers Muddy Lake Leelanau Narrows Plan

May 11, 2001 | By Johanna Miller

Blunder over 80-slip marina blocks public participation...

Citizens Urge Lawmakers to Oppose I-94 Widening Plan

May 11, 2001 | By Kelly Thayer

$1.3 billion should go to fix existing roads, provide transit choices...

Brisk Business for Environmental Journalists

May 8, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

From White House to our house, no end to despoilers...

At Last, Michigan’s Leadership Unveils an Agenda to Solve Sprawl

May 4, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

House Speaker Johnson puts credibility on line...

A “Small” Withdrawal?

April 23, 2001 | By Andy Guy

Perrier plan raises critical questions about fresh water supply...

Turning Environmental Protections to Mush

April 19, 2001 | By Keith Schneider

Bush's attack on federal resources and rules was honed in the states...

What About “Sound Science?”

April 12, 2001 | By Hans Voss

On Great Lakes drilling, Engler administration rejects own principles...

A Bridge Too Flawed

April 2, 2001 | By Kelly Thayer

Omissions, lapses characterize Boardman bridge environmental study...

Making Shoreline Protections a Reality

April 1, 2001 | By Jim Lively

How to develop and adopt yoru own overlay...

Rail is Energizing Cities Coast to Coast

April 1, 2001 | By Kelly Thayer

Michigan needs to catch the train...

Yours to Protect

April 1, 2001 | By Jim Lively


A Special Place to Live

April 1, 2001 | By Jim Lively

How a "Shoreline Protective Overlay" Keeps it That Way...

The Anatomy of a Shoreline Overlay

April 1, 2001 | By Jim Lively

How each part works and why...


April 1, 2001 | By Jim Lively

Sketch It Out First...

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