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At the Polls, A Good Day For Quality of Life

November 14, 2002 | By Keith Schneider

Trend is strong for land preservation, managing growth...

Grand Rapids Homebuilders Aim Torpedo At Farmland Protection

November 10, 2002 | By Andy Guy

Gambit divides industry, prompts backlash...

As Election Ends, Grand Rapids Readies For Land Use Leap

November 7, 2002 | By Andy Guy

Smart Growth leader considers innovative master plan...

Two Roads to Relieve Congestion

November 3, 2002 | By Kelly Thayer

Granholm promotes alternatives; Posthumus wants new...

On Environment, Activism vs. Incentives

October 31, 2002 | By Keith Schneider

Granholm stresses government role; Posthumus more skeptical...

Institute, State Chamber Study School Location Decisions, Development Patterns

October 25, 2002 | By Hans Voss

Joint research project links education, land use, economy...

Despite Abundance, New Talk About Limits

October 24, 2002 | By Keith Schneider

Nestle Waters plant stirs Great Lakes security debate...

Dangerous Roads, Dirtier Air

October 17, 2002 | By Keith Schneider

New assessment finds Michigan sprawl causes traffic deaths, pollution...

Posthumus Vows to Extend Protections for Wild Rivers

October 14, 2002 | By Andy Guy

Republican clarifies position on water safeguards...

New Farm Futures

October 8, 2002 | By Patty Cantrell

Business opportunities grow for Michigan agriculture...

Is It A Good Place?

October 3, 2002 | By Andy Guy

Smart Growth, say top executives, is crucial to Michigan’s competitiveness...

$90 Million Highway Ditched in Petoskey

September 26, 2002 | By Kelly Thayer

Up next for citizen-led campaign: less expensive, more sensible transportation program...

In Kent County, Stirring A Plan To Protect Farmland

September 18, 2002 | By Andy Guy

Around a healthy city, room to grow — and debate...

Groups Continue Fight Against Boardman Bridge

September 18, 2002 | By Kelly Thayer

Court rules road commission must obtain permits before lawsuit is heard...

Beyond Convention on Farm Profitability, Land Conservation

September 6, 2002 | By Patty Cantrell

Michigan gubernatorial candidates urged to consider promising home-grown ideas...

National Park Land Swap Would Violate Public Trust

August 15, 2002 | By Johanna Miller

Michigan Land Use Institute calls for citizens and leaders to reject proposal and to permanently protect Crystal River property with public purchase...

Make the Local Farm Connection

July 15, 2002 | By Patty Cantrell

Entrepreneurs, partners find profitability in farming...

Top Transit Leaves No One Behind

July 11, 2002 | By Kelly Thayer

Bridging the gap for riders with disabilities in Michigan...

Deadline Missed on Water Security Pact

July 1, 2002 | By Andy Guy

Delay could spell trouble for international agreement to safeguard Great Lakes...

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