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Could Smart Growth Tip the Next Presidential Election?

January 21, 2006 | By Keith Schneider

Strategists take note as Virginia’s new governor tackles sprawl...

Building Timeless Places

January 19, 2006 | By Carolyn Kelly

Hank Dittmar on tradition and innovation...

Brownfield Program’s Big Pay-Off

January 14, 2006 | By Keith Schneider

Record confirms brownfield development generates jobs, economic vitality better than most...

Up-North Brownfield Revivals Yield Jobs, Parks

January 11, 2006 | By Keith Schneider

Biotechnology, main street center, city hall, and parks mark transition to 21st-century economy...

Traverse City’s New Economy Rises on Old Brownfields

January 9, 2006 | By Keith Schneider

Grants, loans, and expertise propel a coastal community...

Governor, Mayor Hatched State’s Brownfield Boom

January 5, 2006 | By Keith Schneider

New guide explains redevelopment basics to developers, officials...

New Plans For Barren Lands

January 3, 2006 | By Keith Schneider

Brownfield redevelopment report describes job-producing program...

An Inheritance Neglected

January 1, 2006 | By Keith Schneider

Farmland, farm economy merit higher state priority...

10 Water-Wise Recommendations

December 28, 2005 | By Andy Guy

Rebuilding Michigan’s economy means sustaining the Great Lakes...

Making Sure That Water Works

December 26, 2005 | By Andy Guy

State must see water conservation as a vast opportunity, not a regulatory burden...

Great Lakes Pacts Would Boost Jobs

December 23, 2005 | By Andy Guy

But restoration, conservation acts still need final approvals...

John Norquist: From Detroit to Shanghai

December 20, 2005 | By Carolyn Kelly

Governments worldwide scramble to catch up with New Urbanism...

Color Of Opportunity in Van Buren Is Blue...Berries

December 15, 2005 | By Patty Cantrell

Study says flexibility, innovation are new keys to prosperous agriculture...

Traverse City Business Leaders Support a New Growth Strategy in Michigan

December 13, 2005 | By Carolyn Kelly

Land use and transportation group may hire Robert Grow to launch regional visioning...

‘What’s Good for Farms Is Good for Michigan’

December 12, 2005 | By Keith Schneider

New study, state’s troubled economy confirm farmland’s preciousness...

Awaiting A Presidential Call On The Great Lakes

December 9, 2005 | By Andy Guy

Administration set to announce decision on restoration...

Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman!

December 6, 2005 | By Carolyn Kelly

Beulah businesses, residents think the post office should stay downtown...

A New Urban World After All

December 4, 2005 | By Rob Wooley

With help from Prince Charles, New Urbanism is hot...

Honey, We Shrunk the Big Box!

November 30, 2005 | By Rob Wooley

But there’s more to taming mega-retail than size restrictions...

Internet Sales Help Downtown Smart Growth Revival

November 28, 2005 | By Keith Schneider

Online entrepreneurs compete with big-boxes...

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