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Call to Action

November 1, 1997 | By Keith Schneider
Great Lakes Bulletin News Service

Never before has the risk to northern Michigan's wildest watersheds from oil and gas development been higher. A natural legacy, one that provides the basis of the region's 21st-century economy, is in imminent danger of being needlessly ruined by mismanagement of energy production.

Having gained decisive political momentum, the environmental and conservation communities have put forward realistic and workable proposals that take into consideration the public and private interests at stake. We call on state agencies, lawmakers, the oil and gas industry, and citizens to assist us in putting hydrocarbon development planning into effect for northern Michigan.

This report was prepared by the Michigan Land Use Institute, as part of the Michigan Environmental Council's Land Stewardship Initiative. Additional support was provided by The Ruth Mott Fund and The Joyce Foundation. The front cover photograph of the Jordan River is by Bud Jones. The back cover photograph of Ford Kellum at the Round Lake Campground in the Pigeon River Country State Forest is by Gordon Charles.

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Working with Progress Printers in Traverse City, the staff at the Michigan Land Use Institute has sought the use of materials for this report that demonstrate the effectiveness of linking environmental and economic goals. The paper is made of tree-free kenaf fiber blended with recycled wood-based paper (20% post-consumer content). No chlorine bleach was used in the production process. The manufacturer is Vision Paper in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The soybean oil inks, which contain no heavy metals or petroleum, have been specially formulated by Ecoprint in Silver Spring, Maryland. For more information on the components of this report, please call LeClair Stoltmann at the Michigan Land Use Institute.
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