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Clean Energy

Efficiency. Renewables.

There are countless opportunities surrounding energy efficiency and renewable energy. Both are crucial to Michigan: Energy efficiency pays big dividends by saving money for people and businesses and keeping “energy dollars” in the community; wind and solar power create thousands of new manufacturing, installation, and maintenance jobs. And, of course, efficiency and renewable energy protect our air, water, and everything that makes our state such a beautiful place to live. 

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By the year 2025, the Traverse City area will achieve at least a 25% reduction in energy demand and an increase in renewable energy production to 25% of the total. We intend to put the region on the map with one of the best clean energy programs in Michigan and a national leader among rural regions. This program will have a true sense of ownership from the widest possible set of community leaders, government officials, business people, and citizens.


• TC Saves has helped more than 500 Traverse City homeowners receive home energy assessments and weatherization upgrades. That’s 20% of eligible owner-occupied homes in the city.

• MLUI’s special report, Energy Efficiency and Economic Opportunity in Grand Traverse County, showcased the economic and jobs potential of investing in energy efficiency.

• More than 200 business and community leaders attended the 2012 Energy Efficiency Leadership Summit to learn about the economic benefits of a communitywide energy efficiency program.

• MLUI provided in-depth coverage of energy issues throughout the state. 

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